May is Endowment Month

At St. Paul’s, one Sunday each May is designated as “Endowment Sunday”.  Hopefully you are enjoying the ongoing “Endowment 101” series. In May it is time to remember our heritage, to remember and give thanks […]


Language Matters

At our April 24 Eucharist on the Second Sunday of Easter, the Interim Rector described longstanding concerns that the Good Friday lectionary risks fueling anti-Jewish sentiment. The language of John 20:19 in the Gospel reading […]

focused man reading newspaper on street

Got news to share?

It’s easy to get your news and information published to the parish. Here’s now to do it: The primary news vehicle now is the website, which in turn provides the content for weekly email updates […]


May Adult Forum Schedule

May 1: Disability and its Implications for Personhood For thousands of years, Western philosophy has defined the person as an entity which uses language to communicate. This has called into question the personhood of certain […]